Who Are You? How To Find Yourself As A Musician.

Who Are You? How To Find Yourself As A Musician.


Who Are You?

How To Find Yourself As A Musician.

Do you know who you are as a musician? Have you even thought about it? I recommend that you learn how to be yourself in the music industry. This will show you how to find yourself as a musician. Then the next time a person asks you you will know who you are. As musicians we can be so weird at times that people just don’t get us. We must learn to understand ourselves better in order to effectively express who we are externally.

Not all musicians live their lives out loud. There are some who prefer to keep their true identity hidden and has various reasons for keeping their identity unknown. Mainly, it is to protect them from personal criticism. There are many musicians who let it all hang out and care less what people know or think they know. But what I’ve discovered is many musicians have no idea who they are. From the instruments, vocals, production, etc.. Just no clue. A bunch of copycats, impostures, and frauds.
As a result, so many musicians perish because of a lack of knowledge. Yes, about them. It is important as a human being but specifically a musician should always take the time to self-reflect where we are and where we want to go.


Why Are You Doing This Thing Called Music?

If your desire is to make music your full time gig, it is not for the faint of heart. One thing you have to do is know yourself.

Have you actually stopped to think about why you’re on this path?
Is it because you want to be famous?
Is it for the girls/guys/drugs/parties?
Is it for the money?
Is it because music is your life and you can’t see yourself doing anything else?
Take a few minutes and write down why you want to take music seriously.

Who Are you?

James Brown was the God Father of Soul. Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. Johnny Cash was the Man in Black.Aretha Franklin is still the Queen of Soul! All the great artist of the 20th century has a clear meaning of who they were/are and were able to communicate that to their fans. Those artists are the definition of authentic. As a result, it translated into strong connections with their fans. Authenticity revealed itself through everything they did.
You see the evidence of musicians who are true to themselves. When you think of Nicki Minaj you think corporate. When you think of Remy Ma you think independent. You have the bands and artists who are anti-corporate and only want to keep the music true to form. Even if that doesn’t mean constant mainstream attention, then so be it. Nicki Minaj wants to stay famous and relevant as a pop-culture symbol, so she’ll do what it takes.
If you’re not sure about what you’re about just yet, the first step is to remember why music speaks to you. Take the time to remember why you picked up an instrument, started singing or put ideas to verse in the first place. Think about that for a moment, reflect and let’s do an exercise together. Gather pen and paper or take notes in your phone or electronic device.

Question #1

Who are your all-time top five artists?
I’ll share my top five artist of all time too.
My all-time top five artist picks are:
Michael Jackson
Natalie Cole
Lauryn Hill
Bruno Mars
Nina SImone
Tina Turner (okay I had 6 I couldn’t leave her off!)
Every artist on your list connected with you in some kind of inspiring way. Take note of why each artist is on your list. There is a reason why they affected you more than others. Really think about why those artists are there and what you admire about each of them. It tells you something about you and what you should strive for in impacting others with your own music.

How To Find Yourself As A Musician

All people are born creatives. The art of playing does a few things, mainly: it’s really fun and it’s the fastest form of learning known to man.  As we grow-up, our trend is to stop playing. Sometimes we tend to want to fit in with everyone and stop wearing our capes with the big yellow S on our chests, which is normal.

Persons like you and I, with this intellect of imaginary play, remain a key factor of our identity as individuals, it just comes out in different ways. The unique battle we all face is keeping our inner child and fusing it with our adult work until it is instantaneously one-in-the-same and seen with positive reinforcement from our peers.
Think about it… Every artist, entrepreneur, sports athlete, musician, inventor, ruler, since the origin of man, has waged an aggressive battle against that last sentence.
In order to find yourself as a musician take the information you learned about yourself from the question above and imagine who you desire to be, infuse it with the necessary steps required to help you become your true authentic self.

Tips To Find Yourself!

Above All Else Accept Yourself.

When we’re repetitively overcome by our insecurities, the light of our authentic self does not shine; and, it’s that light that attracts every person, experience, and opportunity to us as people.

Perfect is not real.

Nothing’s perfect. Nobody is. Everything we consider a flaw about ourselves someone else might find appealing. Just get real and let that lead the way.

Accept Everything.

Stop judging. Find the lesson in everything. The tough stuff, the people who challenge us – they are our greatest teachers as they force us to unravel the layers that cover our authentic selves.

Be Selfish.

Find the balance between 50% selflessness, and 50% selfishness. Take your “me” time, know when you need it, and learn how to give it to yourself. Figure out what motivates you, what makes you happy, how you connect to yourself. Don’t sacrifice those things – put them first. In the end, you can’t rely on anyone but yourself to bring you true happiness.

Use Everyone Else As A Mirror.

If you allow yourself to recognize in other people that which exists within you, you will become aware of how and where to shift. If it’s positive, enhance it, if it’s negative, appreciate that it reared its ugly head so you could see it, but make a note to self that you’re cool to move on without it. And then move on if need be.


In Conclusion,

Know yourself.
Know why you’re pursuing music.
Know why your favorite artists are your favorite artists.
Be Authentic.
Shine Bright!

4 Replies to “Who Are You? How To Find Yourself As A Musician.”

  1. Hey Jamie,
    This really spoke to me. I am a musician myself. The things that inspire me are the reality of the music. If I can feel it and relate to it, then that is the type of music I like. Also if it is inspirational then I can really listen to it. I do not totally agree with some things that the people I listen to say. I flip the negative energy towards positives things.

    I actually just got into making music this year. So far I have one song but I do plan on making more. I appreciate the post, thanks. I am finding myself each day.

    1. Jamie Clay says:

      Hi Kendrick! Thanks for commenting! I’m glad to hear you are learning who you are while on your journey. The most important thing is you are open to the process. I don’t listen to the negative energy too! Its an energy and inspiration killer!

  2. jeffrey16201 says:

    I have learned to use music for my own health therapy, music is a very powerful therapy tool to use to control your mood and improve your life.

    I enjoy learning to play new instruments, I am not great at it but I get many rewards from playing my instruments. I learned to play the guitar before I ever started junior high school, i learned to play the saxophone in high school and I am learning to play the harmonica right now.

    Playing music is very relaxing, you might find this will be the answer if you have problems relaxing and sleeping?

    1. Jamie Clay says:

      Hi Jeffrey! Thanks for commenting! Yes I agree music is relaxing whether you play, sing or just listen. It has the power to improve your mood and inspire your life.

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