The Top 20 Best Selling Music Devices

The Top 20 Best Selling Music Devices

With all of the many music device gadgets on the market, it can be overwhelming choosing the best option as a consumer regarding budget, value and unique needs. We’ve decided to consolidate this list into the Top 20 best-selling music devices on the market.

From inexpensive jogging devices to audiophile powerhouses, you are sure to find something for every buyer’s budget.

MP3 players are still convenient and popular gadgets to have in your life. There are so many options to choose from in terms of shape, size, and hardware capabilities.

When shopping for an MP3 player, consider carefully the size and the quality of your digital music collection. For instance, if you have purchased most of your favorite tracks from iTunes or any other established platforms, there’s not really a need to binge on an audiophile-grade device.

However, if you own a lot of music in lossless file formats and don’t want to compromise on audio quality, consider a more high-class device with cutting-edge DAC and circuitry inside it.

Here we’ve compiled the best picks available on the market today.

MYMAHDI – Digital, Compact and Portable

MYMAHDI – Digital, Compact and Portable MP3 / MP4 Player ( Max support 64 GB Micro SD Card ) with Photo Viewer, E-Book Reader and Voice Recorder and FM Radio Video Movie in Pink

LOSSLESS AUDIO: Excellent sound quality, supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE, AAC, OGG and ACELP. Use playlists to select your favorite songs, Supports shuffle and playback, Support sleep shutdown. Recommend to use the MYMAHDI Original memory Cards. Can last up to 40 hours after full charge, you can enjoy music for a long time and without worrying about the power.

Tomameri – Compact and Portable MP3 / MP4

Tomameri – Compact, Digital and Portable MP4 / MP3 Player with Rhombic Button ( Including 16 GB Micro SD Card), E-Book Reader, Photo Viewer, FM Radio Video Movie and Voice Recorder Supported- Orange

The stylish appearance and the light weight will give you a different enjoyment. Warranty and Tech Support only Handled by Tomameri. This 16GB Digital, Compact and Portable MP3/MP4 player is able to connect easily to your computer with USB cable.
This built in rechargeable battery provides great quality sound for a range of music and convenient to download (Support MP3, APE, and FLAC WMA etc.) Just copy/paste the mp3 files from your PC to the MP3 player and you are ready to go


AGPtEK [2017 UPGRADE] A20 8GB & 80 Hours Playback MP3 Player Lossless Sound Music Player with Independent Lock & Volume Control(Supports up to 64GB), Black

The one key to lock/unlock screen also designed with Independent Volume Control, it gives you a more user-friendly experience. You can switch songs or adjust the volume by our IN-Line control earphone, with 1.1 oz mini size body, Perfect for your outdoor and gym fitness. It has 80 hours audio playback, only needed to charge it for 3-4 hours.

Sandisk 8GB Clip Jam MP3 Player (Black)

Sandisk 8GB Clip Jam MP3 Player (Black)

This super lightweight wearable personal music player and its deep rich sound quality with a built-in micro SD card expansion slot, play audio files in lots of formats. The 18 hour battery life is decent for its price tag.

SanDisk Clip Sport SDMX24-004G 4 GB Flash MP3 Player – Black

SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player, Black With LCD Screen and MicroSDHC Card Slot- SDMX24-004G-G46K

The SanDisk Clip Sport is appealing, vibrant, and extremely compact. It is also quite reasonable, considering the features it has to offer. Key features include a 1.44-inch color display, expandable memory, and FM radio. The Clip Sport can provide up to 25 hours of playback on a single charge. Its low price tag, it comes with a pair of earbuds in its retail package.


Echo Dot ‑ Black

All-New Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Black

Echo Dot (2nd Generation) is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms, and more.

Apple iPod shuffle (4th Generation) – 2 GB – Space Gray

Apple iPod shuffle 2GB Silver (4th Generation)

Apple’s most affordable iPod is a cheap, workout-friendly option for listening to music or podcasts, but it shows its age with a reliance on iTunes syncing and lack of wireless support.

FiiO M3

FiiO M3 8GB Micro-Portable Digital Music Player (Black)

The FiiO M3 is a solid and inexpensive MP3 player with solid audiophile credentials. It can power headphones with up to 100 Ohms of impedance, as well as play high-quality audio in lossless file format. The key features of the gadget include 8GB of onboard memory, a microSD card slot for easy expansion, and a 2-inch color display.

Sony – Walkman Nw-e393 4gb* Mp3 Player – Black

Sony NWE393/B 4GB Walkman MP3 Player (Black)

Sony’s NWE395 is a solid and affordable MP3 player, with a battery life that can last up to 35 hours on a single charge. Key features of the player include an FM radio, as well as Apple iTunes integration. The NWE395 is available with up to 16GB of storage.

Sony Walkman 4GB Headphone-Integrated NW-WS413

SONY Walkman 4GB headphone-integrated NW-WS413 (Lime Green)

Sony NW-WS413 has a fully waterproof body, so it is perfect for active behaviors. The gadget has combined headphones, comfy fit, 4 GB of built-in memory, and up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge.

FiiO X1

FiiO X1 High Resolution Digital Lossless Media Player (Silver)









The updated Fiio X1 is a well-priced mp3 player that can not only deliver high-quality audio to wired headphones, but also connect to wireless ones via Bluetooth 4.0. The gadget supports all major lossless music formats, as well as dedicated car mode. Other key features include a microSD card slot, 2-inch color display, and top-notch battery life.

Apple iPod Nano 16GB Space Gray (7th)

Apple iPod Nano, 16GB, Space Gray (7th Generation)

Apple’s most accomplished iPod nano to date, the 7th generation of the product features a 2.5-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio, and support for video playback. The iPod nano comes bundled with Apple EarPods and weighs 1 ounce. It is an excellent pick for the unintentional user.

Apple iPod Touch 16GB Pink 2015

Apple MKGX2LL/A iPod Touch, 16GB, Pink (6th Generation)

The updated iPod Touch remains a great portable media player and overall entertainment device, but its 4-inch display small screen feels like a throwback to an earlier era. And it’s largely redundant if you already have a smartphone or tablet.

Sony NWZ-A17 Walkman

Sony Walkman NWZA17SLV 64 GB Hi-Res Digital Music Player (Silver)

The Sony Walkman NWZ-A17 is a sleek and chic, music device that supports Hi-Res audio playback, and can last up to a massive 50 hours on a single charge. The MP3 device’s specs include a 2.25-inch color display, FM radio, Bluetooth, 64GB of built-in memory, a microSD card slot, and an in-built user interface. The player does not come with headphones in its retail package.

The Walkman doesn’t have Wi-Fi so there’ll be no streaming with this device it is designed to play your existing music collection.


Pono Music Portable Music Player, Yellow

The PonoPlayer began its life’s journey as a vision of the legendary musician Neil Young, which resulted in a successful KickStarter crowdfunding campaign. The PonoPlayer is a fundamentally nice peculiar designed portable music player that carries excellent high-end sound for the money, but its uninspiring battery life leave us waiting for the second generation — or a price cut.

Astell & Kern AK Jr

Astell&Kern AK Jr 64GB Portable Hi-Resolution Music Player and DAC – Bundle With 64GB Class 10 MicroSDXC Card

The AK Jr can be considered affordable for an Astell & Kern product. (Some of the Korean manufacturer’s other items can cost $2,500 and beyond.) The Astell & Kern AK Jr marries classic design with class-leading sound, making it one of the best high-res players for the money.
It has great-sounding sonics and able to drive many different types of headphones. It is also capable of putting the dedicated USB DACs to shame.
A decidedly audiophile offering, the AK Jr features a Wolfson WM8740 x1 DAC, a10-band equalizer, and beautiful brushed aluminum body. Other hardware specs of the device include 3.1-inch touchscreen, 64GB of built-in memory, a memory card slot, and Bluetooth connectivity.
The player does not come with headphones, so prepare to invest in a quality pair in case you don’t own one yet.


HIFIMAN SuperMini High-Res Portable Player

The noiseless HIFIMAN SuperMini mp3 device has exquisitely fashioned metal body and eye-catching OLED presentation. The music player supports a host of audio formats, it delivers up to 22 hours of playback on a single charge, and comes with a pair of excellent in-ear headphones in its retail package.

Bose® – Wave® SoundTouch® Music System IV

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV- Espresso Black

Enjoy all your music effortlessly: online music services, Internet radio, your stored music library, CDs and AM/FM radio. This device is apart of an entire family of Bose wireless products.
The exclusive Bose wave guide speaker technology delivers lifelike, room-filling sound. It works with your home Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth devices so you can play almost anything you can imagine. Google ranked this device as one of the best selling music devices for music lovers.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX100

Sony NWZX100HNSM Hi-Res Walkman Digital Music Player with Noise Cancelation

Sony’s Walkman NW-ZX100 is a stunningly designed Hi-Res audio mp3 device. It comes with a pair of noise-canceling earbuds in its retail package. In addition to featuring support for all major audio formats, the device can last up to a huge 70 hours on a single charge, as well as streaming audio via Bluetooth. list this as of the best picks in its price range.

Cowon Plenue 1

Cowon P1-128SL Hi-Fi HD Sound 192kHz/24-Bit MP3 Player 128GB (Silver)

Looking for a no-nonsense, great-sounding player? The Cowon Plenue 1 is pretty hard to beat.
It looks and sounds like a premium player with incredible structure quality and subtlety sound. The device offers an extensive file backing including FLAC, DSD and ripped SACDs. It comes with 128GB of memory standard and can be increased up to 256GB. It has the ability to function as a USB DAC is stylishly appealing.
Take heed the buttons are easily activated without knowledge, even with the lock button on, and lack tangible aids. It has no streaming support with no networking or third-party apps. It also has a short 8-hour battery life.

Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX2

Sony Walkman NWZX2BLK 128 GB Hi-Res Digital Music Player (Black)

The Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 is a luxury portable high-res audio player that includes Android streaming apps and a quality build with excellent sound, but its high price may be too much for all but the most devoted music lovers.
The Android operating system and provided Wi-Fi means you can load streaming apps onto the device. The device offers extensive support from files including DSD and lossless up to 24/192.
It is extremely expensive and the battery life drops significantly if you leave the Wi-Fi on. Sony’s Android interface doesn’t feel as exceptional as you’d expect from the price.

There you have a complete list of The Top 20 Best-Selling Music Devices for every budget and lifestyle!

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Do you still use music devices? Tell us what you think about the choices currently hot on the market.

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