Live Music Chicago feat. Frankie Parker Event Review

Live Music Chicago feat. Frankie Parker Event Review

Live Music Chicago featuring Frankie Parker!

If you didn’t make it to Live Music Chicago featuring Frankie Parker you truly missed a great time and an awesome artist!

Here’s what you missed!

videography by: Jbptv

Jerry Westbrook our host kicked us off with The Temptations “Ain’t to Proud to Beg”.

videography by: Jbptv

Daniel Lamar who sings BGV (background vocals) for Ladi Soul… turned the show up with “Just Friends” by Music Soul Child and “Every Little Step” sang by Bobby Brown!

videography by: Jbptv

Frankie Parker the feature for the evening raised the bar high with her sultry soulful sounds infused with the warmth of her jazzy style!

videography by: Jbptv

Ladi Soul grooved us with covers such as “Let’s Do It Again” sang by The Staple Singers, “Treasure” sang by Bruno  Mars!

videography by: Jbptv

Ladi SOUL also covered “Baby I’m Scared of You” sang by Womack Womack. Daniel Lamar & Frankie Parker chimed in on the bgv’s and gave the song the harmonies that caused us all to get in the groove.

videography by: Jbptv

The band for the evening are some of Chicago’s finest musicians! Brian Brown on Keys, Terence (T) Lee on Bass, & Ivan Morris on Drums!

There were artist who came through to bless the mic! Ill make sure I catch footage of the Open Mic guest who graced the stage for the next recap.

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The Author A.D.

The show was great, the people were great, the atmosphere was great, and we all felt safe! Thanks to Star Security Systems who provided us with on site security.

Well, that is it for now!

Catch the next “Live Music Chicago” event August 26, 2016! Purchase your tickets here and now! That way you will not miss the next show.

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4 Replies to “Live Music Chicago feat. Frankie Parker Event Review”

  1. lifebeginswithyourhealth says:

    very cool and unique website and article, I love your photographs they are just awesome. I am not familiar with the artists, but it looks like a great concert in Chicago.

    Are you connected with these artists in any way, how did you get those awesome photographs of them on stage?

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I do know many of the artist/musicians and some i don’t!

  2. BabyTuque says:

    I’ve never seen Frankie Parker in person but did want to inquire about a Chicago group that you may have had the pleasure of hearing. They’re called Snatch Incorporated.

    Some friends were married in Chicago and wanted live music for the wedding. I’m one to shy away from dance floors. It’s just not my thing. I’d rather sit and chat. But after hearing Snatch Inc. get down, I just couldn’t help myself. I danced for hours. It was a very memorable experience!

    This was many years ago, though. Are these guys still around? Have you been to a show?

    1. Jamie Clay says:

      Hi Baby Tuque! I’ve never heard of Snatch Inc. but I wished I did. I would love to hear them.. But thanks for commenting!

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