Chicago Artist Spotlight: R&B Singer Treasur

Chicago Artist Spotlight: R&B Singer Treasur

Chicago artist spotlight is designed to introduce some of Chicago’s independent music artist! Those artists that are taking their art to the highest levels and sharing it with the world.

This week Chicago Artist Spotlight props go to this Chicago’s precious jewel  R&B Singer Treasur’.

About R&B Singer Treasur’

Chicago Artist Treasur is a 24-year-old singer and songwriter from Chicago, IL.

Most of her early years were gospel-based, singing from church to church, and leading music ministry. As an adolescence, she sang for the Mayor and the Secretary of State.

Treasur’s artistry grew over time with training from the gospel star Darius Brooks, who assisted artists such as R. Kelly and Mariah Carey. As a ballerina, from ages 6-9, she always shined in one way or another.

In 7th grade, the biggest tragedy of her life occurred when her brother, who was also an up and coming rapper by the name of “One Day”, with just days before meeting with Def Jam, was killed.

Treasur’ knew her dream, along with her brother’s dream, had to come true, so she took on the responsibility of bringing both dreams to life.

Outside the church, Treasur’ sung in the hit Broadway play “BIG”; here her performance skills trained her to a new way of life. Treasur’ released

independently a mixtape titled “X Marks the Spot”.

Still rooted deeply in the church, Treasur’ sang overseas with one of the biggest contemporary gospel groups by the name of the “Soul Children of Chicago” performing in Rome, Italy, and Switzerland.

Confident in her sultry, but subtle approach to R&B and Hip Hop, Treasur’ enrolled in Columbia College of Chicago, where she majored in Vocal Performance.

She recorded her 2nd project by the name of “X-Files”.  This platform allowed her to open for acts such as Shawnna, Ty Dolla Sign, and SXSW.

Meet Treasur

Her single “OYS”, landed her on the airwaves in the city of Chicago along with her first featured video. This was followed by collaborations with other local artists.

Come Over” &. “Crazy” visuals reached up to 50,000 views combined on YouTube & WorldStarHipHop and featured cameos from R&B singer Terrairi Mari.

Auditioning for major shows such as “The Voice”, “Sunday Best”, and “X-Factor”, she later teamed up with Billboard Top 10 winning producer D Moet, best known for the Nas classic “Hate Me Now”.

Treasur’ created a one-woman show in her hometown Chicago, to raise money for her to get to NYC. It also manifested to her being in the same room with many labels such as RCA and Atlantic, with a claim of independence.

With Treasur’s return to her hometown and a new re-invented sound, she began to perform at many local events. After perfecting her performance, Treasur’ was a contestant in the worldwide competition Coast 2 Coast Live, where she advanced to being one of the top 5 in the world.

In her accomplishment, Treasur’ released a 90’s inspired single entitled “Can We” in which she released an R&B interlude entitled “Last Call”.

Currently Treasur’ is a writer for some of the biggest names in music, she’s excelling in different fields such as dancing and modeling and is expected to become one of the brightest stars of the new millennium.

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2 Replies to “Chicago Artist Spotlight: R&B Singer Treasur”

  1. Hi,
    Even though I have been to Chicago couple times Treasur completely missed me so this was a very interesting article. Singing for the secretary of state had to be such a great motivation for her during her adolescence.
    Will definitely check out more about her.
    Have you ever seen her personally live?
    Best regards

    1. Ladi Soul says:

      Yes Andrea I have seen her persoanlly live! She is a dope artist! Thanks for commenting!

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