Open Mic in Chicago Suburbs Every Tuesday

Open Mic in Chicago Suburbs Every Tuesday

Open Mic in Chicago Suburbs Every Tuesday

UPDATE: This Open Mic is no longer running! 


Open Mic in Chicago Suburbs Every TuesdayEvery Tuesday is Live Band Open Mic in Chicago Suburbs! Open Mic is held at the Touch of The Past, 947 Mannheim Rd, Bellwood IL.

Have you ever attended an open mic night in your local city? Open mics are for everyone!

The performing artist and the average joe who has talent but doesn’t perform professionally. It’s all about having the courage to get up and get on the mic.

If you are an aspiring artist looking to perfect your craft, build your audience and network, you should attend open mic night Every Tuesday at the Touch of the Past Rd in Bellwood IL (details are below).

 If you are someone looking for something to do come out to enjoy some live music with the band and Ladi Soul on the mic Every Tuesday!

Perhaps you always wanted to sing live with a band, have a new song, poetry, joke or rap you want to share.

The Open Mic is the place you can do you! Whatever that is!

If you are an established artist you can still attend open mic events to build your network, fan base, sell merch, perfect your talent or hear other local artist and average joe talent.

All you need to do is show up! If you haven’t heard, Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs have so many talented treasures that we tend to take advantage of and under appreciate.

Supporting your local performing arts market is vital to its survival. Every city needs open mic nights! It helps to develop the talent in the individual performing.

#1 Open Mic In the Chicago Suburbs

Like I stated before, Open Mic Night is Every Tuesday for now! This could change, so your support is greatly appreciated and the driving force of its survival. Check out the next open mic at The Touch this Tuesday and every Tuesday until it ends.

Open Mic Night In Bellwood

Are you interested in performing for open mic night? Sign Up HERE!

If you have attended an open mic night in your city, what was your experience? If you have any questions regarding open mic night leave your comments below.

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2 Replies to “Open Mic in Chicago Suburbs Every Tuesday”

  1. Hey Ladisoul, something close to my heart. Been listening to Chicago Blues since way back when all of my compadres were listening to the Beatles.
    I mean Junior Wells, Buddy, BB. Paul Butterfield, and of course Muddy! Couldn’t get thru the day without Chicago Blues on Pandora.
    I hope maybe someday to get back to Chicago, bring my wife and visit your club. I am sure it would be a great experience! Best to You and God Bless Wayne

    1. Ladi Soul says:

      Hey Wayne!

      Oh Yeah Chicago loves the blues! You just named all the greats. We would love to have you when you get a chance and check us out for some live rhythm and blues! Thanks for commenting!

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