Open Mic Chicago: The J. Grant Experience

Open Mic Chicago: The J. Grant Experience

Open Mic Chicago will highlight various genres, styles, and expressions of open mic sets around the Chicagoland area. If you are a performing artist, whether your expression is a voice in its many styles, dance, or instrument, you should be well aware of the value Open Mics has to the local artist.

Open Mic Chicago The J. Grant ExperienceJoin The J. Grant Experience open mic every Tuesday night for Tuesday Night Vibe at Lemelle’s Luxury Lounge and Every Thursday night for Feel Good Thursdays at Copper Still Martini Bar & Lounge and some Chicago live music.

Jason Grant band leader for the J. Grant Experience which also consists of Chicago musicians Walter English, Tony Cazeau, Len’I McKinney, Cullen Bogan, and Adrian Morris, hosts open mic night at the south side luxury lounge Lemelle’s on Tuesday’s and Live Music on Thursdays at The Copper Still featuring his band The J. Grant Experience.

Each week at the open mic night he features various established Chicago Talent and opens the mic to those willing to step up and express themselves with their rendition of whatever song they choose for the evening. Thursdays is not an open mic just feel good vibes with the J. Grant Experience.

About Jason Grant (The J. Grant Experience)

j. grant experienceJason Grant is more than just a drummer; he is a soulful and passionate musician that is constantly perfecting his craft.

His remarkable gift captivates the attention of every audience for which he performs.

With his unique style and avid ear for music, Jason is arguably one of the most talented and energetic drummers around.

His years of playing, teaching, and recording have earned him the privilege of traveling around the country and abroad.

Jason has developed a strong knowledge of musical arrangements and a remarkable ability to play from memory in all styles of music.

Possessing more than ten years experience as a drummer in musical productions, studio recordings, and entertaining live audiences worldwide, he is truly an artist in every sense of the word.

Jason lives his passion with every passing moment. While Jason’s musical background is exceptional and extensive, it is his humble and caring spirit that attracts audiences everywhere and commands their attention with every beat of his drum.

The J. Grant experience is one of a kind and should be experienced by those looking to get their groove on! Check them out at one of their events below!

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Open Mic Chicago: The J. Grant Experience Tuesday Night Vibe

Lemelle’s Luxury Lounge

1801 W. 87th St. Chicago, IL

Doors open at 7pm-12am

No cover


Chicago Live Music Event: The J. Grant Experience Feel Good Thursday’s

Copper Still Martini Bar & Lounge

1961 Ridge Rd, Homewood, IL 60430

Starts at 8 pm

No cover

Chicago Live Music Events


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2 Replies to “Open Mic Chicago: The J. Grant Experience”

  1. Alexander says:

    I live Colorado Springs,but I have family in the Chicago area that I visit sometimes. The J. Grant Experience sounds like a cool thing to do in Chicago.

    In downtown Colorado Springs several places have musicians playing and it’s a lot of fun to go see them. Ryan Flores is a really interesting guitarist here in Colorado Springs that I like to go see sometimes.

    Musicians are amazing to me and Jason Grant sounds like he is really good and fun to watch and listen to.

    Thank you for a neat review.

    1. Ladi Soul says:

      Your welcome Alexander! Thank you for the comment.

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