How Music Is Art For The Soul

How Music Is Art For The Soul

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How Music Is Art For The Soul

Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest. Heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul. – Anonymous

Art is often about things referring to one another or representing one another or stimulating one another. Learning how music is art for the soul will affirm that music can satisfy the basic needs of humans.

Art goes back to the earliest ages of humanity. Art comes in many forms such as painting, performance and with music.

Music as a art form is a piece of art that expresses the ultimate aims of human life. It relates to our fear of death and an attempt to take control of the remorseless passage of time.

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant once called music the ‘quickening art’.

Music as an art fulfills a basic hunger in humans – the hunger for meaning.

There has never been a human society which has been without art, so clearly the artistic urge does reveal something very central about the nature of all human beings.

It can touch the souls of people who enjoy it but also reveals the soul of the artists.

The Soul of Man

The most consistent and dependable way I’ve found to connect to my inner voice, lift my spirits and bring myself back into balance has been music.

Music has turned the most dull and the most challenging moments of my life into deeply resonating human, and often indescribably divine, experiences.

Music is essential to human life and an integral part of our development as individuals and as a species. Like breath, music has rhythm, tension and release.

One might even claim that the sound of breath, or the waves of the ocean are musical expressions of life.

The beginning of the universe, according to the holy bible and modern science, was created by sound — the sound of God’s voice saying “LIGHT” known as – the Big Bang. (at least that’s my interpretation of the theory)

We all build walls to shield ourselves from deep pain, guilt, and shame. Music has a way of seeping through the cracks in those walls and opening up the heart.

Then a message of hope and healing can be placed in the opened heart. Few things in life have the ability to directly shape or shift our emotional state than music

The Soul Of Music

The relationship of music and the soul transcends time. Words are the language of the mind. Music is the language of the soul. When language aspires to the transcendent, and the soul longs to break free of the gravitational pull of the earth, it modulates into a song.

Like a traditional language, Music is a language of the soul that may or may not include words, but it expresses meaning and stirs emotion just as spoken languages do.

Music is said to be the food of the soul because of it’s language of feeling and of passion, as words are the language of reason. Music is a language which the soul alone understands but which the soul can never translate. It is the poetry of the air, the shorthand of emotion.

Music integrates as music connects note to note, life to life, age to age in a timeless melody that breaks into time. Music integrates with our emotions as some music makes us bouncy and happy, some music inspires, other music leaves us feeling sad, lonely or regretful.

Music as an idea is the philosophy that teaches discipline and develops self-worth.

Art – good art, bad art, with or without theory, won’t stop people from producing their various expressions of art, or appreciating it. It is simply necessary because it satisfies basic human needs.

There is nothing more swaying and gratifying than good music. Soothing music heals the mind, body and soul.

Entertainment will not be complete without music and playing your favorite music and songs has the power to change your tension filled mind right away to a more relaxed and tranquil state of mind.

Music is intimately related to the subliminal mind because it blends with our emotions.

Perhaps you can recall listening to a jingle and finding the tune and the advertising slogan replaying in your mind over and over, even if you disliked the jingle. It just trapped into your mind.

Music assists in creating culture, characterized by a community of people, representing their customs, ethnicity, history, philosophy, and traditions.

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The Spiritual Significance of Music

Music is one of our most powerful gateways to connect to our spiritual nature — our divine source — the unseen, as well as to the universe around us. There is an inner connection between music and the spirit.

Our spirituality is an essential part of who we are, and it forms the framework of our world.

Community, culture, and creed all offer insights into the connection between music and spirituality. Whatever meaning one chooses for spirituality, I believe there are direct correlations to each in the nature of music.

Let me attempt to show this relationship between music and spirituality on a more fundamental level by first examining the meaning of “spiritual.”

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines spiritual as “relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

As we go back further in time, spirit comes from the Latin word “spiritus” — which is most simply translated as breath, but also identified with courage, vigor and soul.

The distinction between soul and spirit was first separated in Christian terminology, with spirit being the “seat of emotions.”

Any music that helps reconnect us to our essence — to our inner and divine nature — is spiritual. The spiritual nature of music cannot be defined by religion, culture or genre.

Music precedes and transcends all of those frameworks.

To compare music and spirituality as if they were independent concepts would diminish the reality that music is spirit.

Music is, at its essence, the sound of spirit. When created from the heart and with truth and pure intention, music is a spiritual expression of the most universal nature and the highest order.

Music particularly as expressed in a song, is one of God’s greatest gifts of communication, with the power to speak healing straight to people’s hearts where words alone can often fail.

Music resonates within the human spirit. At the heart of humanity is a song of the soul. The spiritual significance of music can transcend communities, cultures, and creeds.

Music cultivates community, as sound creates communication and unity. Cultivation is a constant process that develops, encourages, and nurtures. Sound creates a spiritual connection between music-maker and music-lover.

It is a communication tool that connects by creating a conversation between musical expression and music appreciation. Communication plus unity equals community.

Music presents cultures with a refreshed relevance in people’s lives, and provides a way for individuals to relate to other cultures.

Exploring the musical calligraphy of cultures throughout the world is a wonderful way to explore the spiritual significance of music.

Music Is Art For The Soul

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Music is an encounter with a pure subject, released from the world of objects, and moving in obedience to the laws of freedom alone.

This art for the soul that words do not always change, but needs each generation to produce its own melodies, it has the power to inspire us to express our true selves in an enriching and purposeful manner.

Just as music has helped rescue me from some of the lowest points of my life, it has been the euphoric soundtrack for many of my most loving memories and the rhythm that continues to thrust me forward.

For me, spirituality and music will never be separated. My soul is music and my music is art.

Understanding how music is art for the soul has continued to awaken my higher aspirations and enlighten the path of my inner journey as an singing artist.

The higher I am inspired to reach, the deeper I long to search into those realms of the supernatural unknown that awaits me.

If words are the limited language of my mind, music is the limitless calling of my soul.

My hope is that you are inspired to see music in a new way!How do you personally feel about music as an art form? Leave your comments in the comment section. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Great article. I love music and this was a big part of my life since childhood till this day. The connection between the historical aspects, philosophy and evolution of the society that you made in the post is a wonderful technique of story writing for what I want to say a great thank you. Live without music is for sure a depressing desert and through the sounds and effects of different styles of music our souls blossoms like gardens.

    1. Ladi Soul says:

      Yes! So very well articulated! I love when I meet people who get it! Music is life. I couldn’t imagine life without music… Thanks for the comment!

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