Live Music Chicago! Ladi Soul is Having a Living Room Party!

Live Music Chicago! Ladi Soul is Having a Living Room Party!

Live Music Chicago!

Ladi Soul is Having a Living Room Party!

Live Music Chicago represents the live music scene in Chicago by showcasing Chicago’s talent abroad. These series of events come in all kinds of shapes, styles, & sizes. 

Hey Hey Everybody!

Let me take the time to introduce myself! My name is Jamie Clay aka Ladi Soul (i Sing)! I am a Chicago born, Detroit raised, Oak Park IL resident. I love God with all my heart, mind, soul & body. I believe Jesus died that he rose and that he is coming back again. I believe in the message of the Kingdom of God that Jesus taught. I Believe in Love. I believe in family. I believe in change. I believe your shoe game says a lot about you! I also believe in having a good time too and I like to host events around the Chicagoland area!

The next event in the Live Music Chicago series is affectionately entitled “Living Room Parties Edition” It is an idea that was born out of pure love for the live music scene and bringing it into the comfort of our living rooms. 

Remember back in the day, when your family had  get together’ s at their homes and they would put on their favorite rnb, soul, jazz, blues, funk, rock, gospel, albums and just enjoyed the comfort of having that loving, fun magnetic atmosphere that caused everyone to sing along, dance, eat food, wear the latest fashionable styles, drink (if that was your families thing), play cards, forgot about all they were going through and be merry!

I know everyone’s family didn’t have what was known affectionately as a “living room party”or “house party”. Unfortunately not many people have these kinds of parties because of the uncertainty & possible dangers that can come from random people showing up at someones house.

That’s why we have the “Living Room Parties” to maintain that same loving, safe, fun, magnetic, soulful grooves, good food, stocked bar, positive vibes & intimacy that a living room party experience provides. 

This event is an exclusive event at an exclusive location. It is Open Mic for the singer & spoken word poet. No rapping (Hip Hop) allowed! Unfortunately, some rappers & Hip Hop artist have left a bad taste in some venues not wanting that kind of music and the atmosphere it brings. 

However, Ladi Soul Events will have other events that rappers/Hip Hop artist can perform and be seen as well as supported. I think together as a music community we can change that perception.

In the meantime…

There is a capacity limit for the venue and we don’t want to over crowd the place and have the fire marshals shut us down! So, it is wise to purchase your tickets in advance. However, you can purchase at the door but if the capacity has been reached you will not be able to buy at the door or enter without a ticket purchased in advance.

This is an event you don’t want to miss! Purchase your tickets here!

Check the info out on the plugger for details!

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I wish you love,


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