Jonathan McReynolds Featuring Anthony Brown & Travis Greene Sings At The Chicago Music Gospel Festival 2017 for Black Music Month

Jonathan McReynolds Featuring Anthony Brown & Travis Greene Sings At The Chicago Music Gospel Festival 2017 for Black Music Month

Jonathan Reynolds Featuring Anthony Brown & Travis Greene Sings At The Chicago Gospel Festival 2017 for Black Music MonthJonathan McReynolds Featuring Anthony Brown & Travis Greene Sings At The Chicago Gospel Festival 2017 for Black Music Month

To kick off Black Music Month in Chicago this weekend June 2-3, I attended The 32nd Chicago Gospel Music Festival 2017 which took over Millennium Park with performances from The Rance Allen Group, Jonathan McReynolds with special guests Anthony Brown & Travis Greene, Vashawn Mitchell, Malcolm Williams & Great Faith, a Tribute to Jessy Dixon, Tye Tribbett and many more.
Gospel music is deeply rooted in the rich traditions of the African-American church and is celebrated each year in Chicago IL. Friday’s headline artist was Chicago’s own Jonathan McReynolds. He brought along his friends Anthony Brown and Travis Greene to help usher us in the presence of God at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park.

Chicago Music Festivals

June Marks The Beginning Of Black Music Appreciation Month , the annual city-sponsored festivals (gospel, blues, jazz, world music) all take place in Millennium Park with the downtown skyline as a backdrop throughout the summer months.


The month-long observance, which was first inducted on June 7, 1979, was created to recognize and celebrate the historical influence African-Americans have had on the music industry and is intended to pay homage to the many artists, writers, songs and albums that have shaped American pop culture and the inspiring musical moments that have brought citizens—white, black and every other skin color—together.

chicago gospel fest 2017


The 32nd Chicago Gospel Music Festival 2017 featured Jonathan McReynolds with special guests Anthony Brown & Travis Greene to headline the closing of Friday’s Gospel Music celebrations. Here are some clips from the spirit filled night of praise & worship that these music artists released through their ministry gift of song and music. The audience was engaged and the city was filled with the presence and peace of God. Take a look!

Chicago summer festivals season is jam-packed with so many options. I have curated a list of June Things to Do in Chicago 2017 to make things a little easier to discover events around the Chicagoland area.
Enjoy the clips! Tell me… Do you enjoy Gospel Music? Leave your comments in the forum below!


Jonathan McReynolds
Life Music: Stage Two

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Life Music: Stage Two

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10 Replies to “Jonathan McReynolds Featuring Anthony Brown & Travis Greene Sings At The Chicago Music Gospel Festival 2017 for Black Music Month”

  1. pmbaluka2016 says:

    Wow! It’s so nice to hear that you normally have black music celebration in the month of June at Chicago. I think this is a noble gesture! I’ve really enjoyed watching those clips and I must say that indeed that was a wonderful and a memorable moment that shouldn’t be missed by anyone.

    As a lover of music, I can tell that Jonathan is a talented artist who is really doing well in the industry among others and we need to support them. I’d like to ask if these affiliate links are downloadable anywhere in the globe or they are only available for those in the US?

    1. Jamie Clay says:

      Hi Pmbaluka2016! These are downloadable to anyone who all over the world who has access to iTunes or Amazon! Thanks for commenting.

  2. I love the site and I love Johnathan McReynolds music too! It sucks that I missed this as I don’t live too far from Chicago. I love when upcoming artist merge with already popular singers such as Anthony Evans. We actually danced to one of Evans’ newest hits “Something Beautiful” during our wedding. Thanks for the info! I know it had to be a great experience.

    1. Jamie Clay says:

      Hi Liz! I love Anthony Evans too.. He has such an awesome ministry. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for sharing this information on the Gospel side to Chicago’s music scene. I was really drawn to this because I live in Chicago and with the weather warming up its so nice to take part in music festivals. Especially festivals that incorporate faith and spirituality. I will definately be sharing this with my friends and family. Its great to connect people through music. Thanks again for sharing!


    1. Jamie Clay says:

      Hi Joe! Thanks for sharing! You are right music connects people in such a unique way might I add.. thanks for commenting!!

  4. Hi, Very interesting site. I just coudn’t find an about me page where I could see you and relate to you somehow. I did found an about page but it was talking about the concept of the blog, I liked it but maybe you could include a bit about yourself there also. Just my feeling… But overall I enjoyed it a lot. The colors and the vibe of the site are very nice. Congrats!

    1. Jamie Clay says:

      Hi Mel! The site isn’t about me which is why the about me page is more so about the music, city, culture etc.. However, I do have a link to my other site linked in the paragraph in the about me page. You probably overlooked so it’s cool. For more about me Thank you for commenting.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    First, can I just say that I love the design of your site? I am from Chicago, and this site IS Chicago. Perfect.

    Thank you for so many awesome clips and different videos to click. This was a great post, and proof that there is so much to do in Chicago. I wish I was still there. What is it about Chicago? I am from Atlanta, and there are just not as many easy-to-access concerts. Chicago is awesome.

    I do love gospel music, but…as a musician myself, I want to hear complex music that is done well, done right. Also, there is something about the history of gospel that gets me. What does it mean today?

    Love your site!

    1. Jamie Clay says:

      Hi Elizabeth! Chicago is rich with diverse culture so it never gets boring! I believe gospel music will always be about its history and purpose because the sound changes and frequently. Depending on the style of the music it’s the same and doesn’t change. In my opinion its all about the message and history! Thanks for commenting!

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