Chicago Artist Spotlight: Isaiah Sharkey

Chicago Artist Spotlight: Isaiah Sharkey

Chicago Music Artist Isaiah SharkeyAt Soulful Chicago we always like to highlight various performing arts artist regardless of what genre or art form expressed in.

We will Chicago artist spotlight notable, in-the-know locals such as Chicago Music Artist Isaiah Sharkey!

The genre less musician (I’d rather not box him) is rich in Chicago musical traditions such as gospel, r&b, soul, jazz, blues, hip-hop, pop etc.. You name it he’s probably played!

Grammy winner Isaiah Sharkey, who released his first solo album, Love.Life.Live, in September 2017, grew up in a musical family where music was a tradition within the household. Isaiah was introduced to music at an early age growing up in the church.

Isaiah Sharkey

Isaiah Sharkey and John Mayer

Sharkey was born on July 14th, 1989 in Chicago, Illinois.  At the age of 4, he found an interest in guitar and immediately asked his parents to purchase him one.

Shortly after, Isaiah started learning music under the close instruction of his father Michael Sharkey. He learned about different music genres/styles from gospel music to jazz, R&B, blues, rock and funk music.

As an official member of D’Angelo and the Vanguard, as well as Chris Dave and the DrumHedz  and playing alongside John Mayer  and Lalah Hathaway, Sharkey is poised to finally take center stage as he fuses together his background in gospel, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Rock, and Funk to create an original sound with an instantly recognizable dose of soul.

His feel and style put you in the element of some of his biggest influences like Wes Montgomery, Jimi Hendrix, and Spanky Alford, he is tasteful and right in the pocket.

He can hear what the music needs and plays exactly that.

Check out this exclusive interview with Isaiah Sharkey!

Listen To Isaiah Sharkey’s Love.Life.Live Album!



Isaiah Sharkey on Chicago’s The Jam!

Sharkey Performing Special Lady from the Love.Life.Live Album

Sharkey Covering Prince!


After you listen to Isaiah Sharkey’s LOVE.LIFE.LIVE Album share your thoughts in the comments form below! Do me a favor, will you? Support local Chicago performing artist by purchasing their music and attending their shows!

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2 Replies to “Chicago Artist Spotlight: Isaiah Sharkey”

  1. Hello There
    All I can say very honestly after reading about Isaiah and listening to his videos in your post is: A new star is on the rise.
    The music is beautiful and very touching. He has a great personality on stage and that is very important in the showbiz.
    I will surely buy his music and will talk to my friends about him
    All the best and keep up the great work.

    1. Ladi Soul says:

      Yes! Support local artist. Isaiah’s music is awesome! Please share with all you know. Thanks for your comment!

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