Chicago Artist Spotlight:Chicago Hip Hop Artist Fury

Chicago Artist Spotlight:Chicago Hip Hop Artist Fury

Chicago Hip Hop Artist Fury

Chicago artist spotlight is designed to introduce some of Chicago’s independent music artist!

Those artists that are taking their art to the highest levels and sharing it with the world.

Let me introduce you to Chicago Hip Hop Artist Fury, a female hip-hop artist from Chicago, She has made a name for herself in the Chicago rap community.

Fury music focuses on delivering positive messages with high-intensity music and incredible lyricism.

I took a listen to one of her song she wrote “I Won’t”, a song about the refusal to settle for what life gives you, to rise above your surroundings and your circumstances to be the greatest you, you can be!

I love it! Her song “Home” accompanied with a live band. Everybody that knows me knows that I love live music! Hip Hop with a live band! Fury and the band are DOPE!

SO I decided to spotlight this artist and her music that I’ve become a fan of. After reading this article I ask that you support the artist by making a purchase of their music products and attending any upcoming shows as well as following them on social media.

About Fury 

fury hip hopSamantha Jordan, who raps under the name Fury, began writing songs at age 13 and performed a handful of times in her teens.

Jordan began performing at open mics around 21, although she felt hesitant to share her life with the world, it became therapeutic for her according to an interview she did with the Britt Julious of the Chicago Tribune.

It is that very same therapeutic quality to her live performances that makes so many Chicago Hip Hop locals a fan of the rising star.

Her real performance persona on the local scene didn’t develop until around the age of 25. She began performing at local venues like Subterranean, a room that has gained and maintained a loyal following of hip-hop enthusiasts interested in catching low-cost performances from the city’s most eclectic and unique young performers.

Fury’s blazing, refreshing live performances combine skillful acts of stage presence with a gorgeous live musical arrangement.

Backed by a live band she mixes rock, funk, soul, and jazz with a 90s hip-hop flow.

Fury and the band music has an indie rock vibe. They promote consciousness and empowerment through powerful music and lyrics. She is inspired by and compared to rappers such as Queen Latifah, Left Eye, Eve, Lauryn Hill and Tupac.

She has navigated the ever-evolving trends in hip-hop to settle somewhere that feels authentic and true to her goals and beliefs as an artist.

FURY has embodied the spirit of the strong black woman. She is best known for her powerful lyrics and explosive stage presence.

She opened for Rah Digga (Ski Mask Way Tour). She has also curated and hosted shows that celebrate women in music (Ladies First and Queendom Come).

Watching a Fury set is like watching an actual metamorphosis unfold before one’s eyes. It’s a heady, rich and profound experience.

FURY is a force to be reckoned with and commands the attention of all those who listen.

What are your thoughts on Chicago Hip Hop Culture in its current state? Do you think the hip-hop community, in general, producing consciousness and empowerment through its art form? Leave your comments, opinions, and observations in the comment forum. Please, don’t forget to sign up for Soulful Chicago’s Email List!

Chicago Hip Hop Artist Fury

FURY Returns With Her forthcoming EP Black Magic.

The Black Magic album focuses on the journey of being a black woman in America: the constant battle to remain true to yourself in a society that often forces stereotypes and preconceived notions on others before even getting to know them.

This especially rings true for women in hip-hop, and specifically women of color in hip-hop. It is about digging deep and finding the magic within that makes you unique and powerful.


YouTube Preview Nobody Knows Video

Upcoming Fury Events

Fury’s next show is October 12th at Gman Tavern. Be sure to follow on all social media @furyhiphop to get t new show dates and other info.

Purchase Fury Tickets













14 Replies to “Chicago Artist Spotlight:Chicago Hip Hop Artist Fury”

  1. I really like her rapping style, she seems like a very talented hip hop artist and I absolutely love her musical style. I love that 90’s sound, it reminds me of the music I used to listen to when I was growing up in that decade. Also her lyrics convey a real message and that makes her music more powerful to listen to. I’m definitely gonna check her out on YouTube. 

    1. Ladi Soul says:

      Yes Kent! Follow her and get her music to support her art. Thanks you for stopping by to comment!

  2. Ho and thanks for your article reviewing this brilliant artist. I am really glad your site shows your passion and enthusiasm for music and I think your translate well into your writing. Which is not always easy to do. Thanks for sharing this and I hope you will give more dates of other artists gigs in the future. Thanks Kenny 

    1. Ladi Soul says:

      Yes Kenny we will! Make sure you sign up for our mailing list for upcoming shows in the Chicagoland area! Thank you for commenting.

  3. I like it.  I’ve always checked out the indie scene because you might miss something or see someone before their career takes off.

    A couple of years ago I went to the Subteranean for a open night and it was great.  My only time ever in Chicago.

    I like her choice of styles of music.  Hip-hop with Jaz?  Well it works.

    I’ll be listening more.

    1. Ladi Soul says:

      Thanks Stew for commenting! And Please follow the artist.

  4. Shubhangi says:

    Hey there,

    A great article,

    Very interesting story about Samantha Jordon aka Fury Hip Hop.  It/s great to see how she mixes rock, funk, soul, and jazz with a 90s hip-hop flow.

      Yes I think hip hop has the potential to help people see the world more critically, through different forms of writing, music and social activism.

    1. Ladi Soul says:

      Thanks for commenting Shubhangi!

  5. Fury Hip Hop, catchy and inspirational. It is great to see that she finds what she does therapeutic, because it must be nerve wracking to put yourself out there especially in today’s climate where people can rip you to shreds just for kicks. I think anyone who is brave enough to take the leap deserves all the success they work for.

    She stays true to herself and that is what people like to connect to, real people not the masks they show you. Great post!

    1. Ladi Soul says:

      Yes Renton no masks! THanks for commenting!

  6. It is great that you provide support to artists like Fury Hip Hop!  I enjoyed reading about her and listening to her music. I feel music is a great way to send out positive messages to the world. Music itself brings so much positivity in us! Though, I do not have much knowledge of Chicago’s Hip hop community , I like songs which have got some meaning in it!

    1. Ladi Soul says:

      Hi Priya! Thank you for your comment! And please follow the aritst on social media.

  7. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani says:

    I never had listened to Fury Hip Hop music, I  listened to the song you send above it was great .

    Would you mind sending me some of the songs on soundcloud.  I will really appreciate your effort.

    Thank you so much for such a great article, I have have signed up to Soulful Chicago Email list and will be very glad to attend one of their live event  in the near future.

    1. Ladi Soul says:

      For all future events check out our events calendar… To follow FUry on Sound Cloud check above under her social media links. Thanks commenting!

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