Amazon’s Best Selling Digital Music!

Amazon’s Best Selling Digital Music!

Everyone knows by now that Amazon is one of the leading trend setters in our nation today! That means we trust their products and their processes that supply all of our wants, needs, and desires in any category we may require.

Keeping up with the latest music is one of my favorite hobbies! So here are some of Amazon’s best selling digital music.

  1. Suicide Squad- Heathen

       2. Ingrid Michaelson- Celebrate

        3. The Chain Smokers ft. Halsey- Closer

        4. JT- Can’t Stop The Feeling

       5. Suicide Squad- The Album

       6. Meghan Trainor- Me Too

       7. Rhianna- Needed Me

       8. Flo Rida- My House

       9. DJ Khaled ft. Drake- For Free

        10. Beyonce- Lemonade

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