Established by me,  Jamie Clay aka Ladi Soul in 2016.

Soulful Chicago is a blog dedicated and focused on R&B Soul Music and Live Entertainment in the Chicagoland Area.

Soulful Chicago began as Soulful Sundays Chicago, a weekly open mic for singers, poets, rappers, and comedians!

It was held every Sunday night! It attracted the performing talent and gifts from all over the city to perform at what we affectionately called the “breeding ground”!

I love open mic sets because it is the breeding ground for the performing artist and great talent.

I am a music-loving entrepreneur and writer that lives in Oak Park IL, but from Chicago IL.

I will write and share my unique perspective on the music industry via songs, albums, videos, concert/events and product reviews, interviews with artists and industry professionals, recaps of the nation’s biggest music festivals, awards and shows as well as commentaries on the latest music news, tips and trends.

You will also hear me mention a little pop, blues, jazz, rock and gospel music news, because I like those genres as well!

Soulful Chicago is devoted to spreading love, peace, soul music and a wealth of knowledge!

This blog will highlight some of Chicago’s artist, bands and live music events around the Chicago land area.  I, Jamie Clay aka Ladi Soul the creator, performs as an independent local Chicago artist.

Soulful Chicago brings you personalized content and recommendations for aspiring artist, musicians and their fans, wherever you are, wherever you go.

Soulful Chicago is all about giving soul music and Chicago’s live entertainment scene precisely the amount of respect it deserves.

Soulful Chicago is about loving soul music and shouting it from the rooftops.

Soulful Chicago is here for everyone who knows that soul music is any kind of music genre that is performed and expressed deep from within the soul.

Every generation has its own idea about soul music’s greatest era, but songs from the soul itself is mostly about the here and now, even if it draws directly from the then and there.

You won’t find any sarcastic reviews or 1 out of 5 rankings on the Soulful Chicago Blog because I’m not interested in telling you what I don’t think you should listen to.

I only write about the music I would recommend to my best friends, and through these posts, I’ll share those recommendations with you.

I will also contribute to the site’s Chicago Concert Calendar, which features a carefully selected group of shows that I’ll recommend checking out — be sure to bookmark it if you’re looking for a great live music experience in the Chicago area.

This is the music blog I would want to read, and I think you will too, so check out our current post and get to know your new music-obsessed best friend.

By sharing this local knowledge, I will help you discover the world and inspire you to explore, share and connect with others.

Chicago has always danced to the beat of its own drum.

Our focus is to expose our readers to new music while enhancing their live music experience and to stay current on industry news, tips trends and products.

Our goal is to facilitate discussions within and give voice to the diverse Chicago music community.

Soulful Chicago is devoted to telling you more than you probably need to know about just how much Chicago’s music scene really rocks. In fact, we’re a little zealous about it. And we’re proud of that.

I’ve done our best to fill you in on the best up-and-coming soul music in our fine city, as well as notable shows happening around town. We hope you enjoy your time here and come back often. If we found out we helped you discover some new favorite bands and artist, it would totally make our day.

Feel free to write with comments, questions, content suggestions, survival tips, or anything else you care to share. We’d love to hear from you. You can e-mail us here.


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