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Hi I Am Jamie Clay aka Ladi SOUL

Welcome to my R&B Soul Music blog!

Soulful Chicago is a blog dedicated and focused on R&B Soul Music and Live Entertainment in the Chicagoland Area.

Soulful Chicago began as Soulful Sundays Chicago, a weekly open mic for singers, poets, rappers, and comedians! It was held every Sunday night! It attracted the performing talent and gifts from all over the city to perform at what we affectionately called the “breeding ground”!

I love open mic sets because it is the breeding ground for the performing artist and great talent.

I will write and share my unique perspective on the music industry via songs, albums, videos, concert/events and product reviews, interviews with artists and industry professionals, recaps of the nation’s biggest music festivals, awards and shows as well as commentaries on the latest music news, tips and trends.

You will also hear me mention a little pop, blues, jazz, rock and gospel music news, because I like those genres as well!

Although, I am a singer, I am at heart an entrepreneur. So, feel free to support my businesses by purchasing products and services that I will offer through the site. Thank you in advance for your support!

I’m here to also inspire the aspiring/emerging and existing performing artist with information that will bring forth their full potential.  I believe Music and Entrepreneurship is like peanut butter and jelly!

It is an essential part of being in the entertainment business. I also believe it is important to evolve in your thinking as a human being and especially as a performer!

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